Our Story

Living well starts with eating well.

Hey, you.

Meet our founders.

We are passionate about food and believe that fueling our bodies with good, nourishing ingredients makes life better. All-natural, healthy snacks should be available to everyone and actually taste good. 

That’s why we’ve created a supercookie that is not only tasty, but is good for your mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re in the middle of an intense gaming binge, at work, studying for an exam, at the gym, or doing some Keto-friendly meal prep, we want you to be able to recharge and replenish anywhere – any time of the day.


Meet our Advisors!

We have a great team.

Christopher Guerrera

Product Launch Director

Christopher Guerrera serves as product launch director for Health Candy Nutrition, but we like to refer to him as The Man With The Plan. An accomplished business executive and inventor with years of experience bringing products to market, Christopher has the knowledge and expertise to guide us through the launch process. Learn more about Christopher Guerrera.

Roger Burns

Chief Financial Officer 

While his official title is Chief Financial Officer (CFO), we like to call Roger The Money Wizard. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Roger brings diverse experience in both finance and general management for startups, small, and medium-sized businesses. Launching a startup cookie company is obviously the MOST FUN so far. Duh! 🙂 

A few stats…

Don’t worry. They’re bite sized.

Grams of Protein

Original flavors

Cookies Served


Keto Friendly

People say good things.

“Exceeded my expectations”

"...Not only did it taste amazing, but it gave me a much-needed burst of energy! I’ll be buying many more and I suggest everyone should try it out as well!"

Jackson Durham

"Five stars"

"It's a great way to start your morning, without all the normal carbs!"

Lauren Gustafson


"Finally! Finally, I have found a treat to curb my sweet tooth cravings and still stay aligned with my New Year's resolution to eat healthy. Thank you for caring about the U.S.A. and only putting in all-natural ingredients."

Brandi Lombardo

"I can't believe there's no sugar"

"Just as good as deep dark chocolate cookie, but without the guilt 🙂"

Hannah Conrad